Affiliate Marketing Software for Windows .net platform

Affiliate Wiz™ is ASP.NET affiliate tracking software and affiliate marketing software for managing an affiliate marketing program.  Our Affiliate marketing software is written specifically for the Windows .net 4.0 platform.  Associate programs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site while rewarding your affiliates for their participation.  You provide your affiliates with a special link to your site, whether it is a text link or image or even a picture of your product.  The affiliate displays your link on their site and then you sit back and watch visitors start traveling to your site.  You then reward your affiliates for sending traffic your way. 

Affiliate tracking software will help increase your web sites traffic volume raising sales.  You can reward your affiliates on a per sale, per click, or per lead basis.  You can even customize the commission schedule for individual affiliates.

Affiliate Wiz™ was developed exclusively for use on Windows servers running the .NET 4.0 framework and is written in ASP.NET/VB.NET.  The software was developed with flexibility in mind and can link to most any e-commerce system.

Affiliate Wiz Affiliate Tracking Software Version 11 Now Available

   How Does Affiliate Management Software Work?
  • Affiliate joins your affiliate program through the affiliate software sign-up page.
  • Affiliate logs into the member area, obtains the code for banners, text links, product images, etc. in order to link to your web site.  These special links identify the affiliate site with an Affiliate ID.
  • Visitor X clicks through from your affiliate’s web site to your web site and passes through the affiliate software.
  • Affiliate Wiz™ places a cookie on visitor X's computer and tracks them as they browse your site.
  • Visitor X makes a purchase from your online store.
  • Using tracking code on the confirmation page from your store, Affiliate Wiz™ associates the sale with the affiliate whose site’s visitor X came from and records sale in the Affiliate Wiz™ database.
  • The Administrator is notified of sale by email, clicks on the link to accept the sale and the affiliate is automatically notified of their sale by email.

Affiliate Marketing Software Feature Highlights

  • Modernized the administration console to use Drop-down menus
  • Added New ad types: Rollover Ad (Right/Down), Semi-Transparent Takeover, Floating Ad, Transition Ad, HTML 5 Video Ad, Hoover Ad
  • Added additional payment method for Bank/Wire Transfer
  • Added feature to display custom html based on the referring affiliate on your web site.  For example, you might display a unique 1-800 telephone number for each affiliate
  • Added option for affiliates to upload w9 form on update account page
  • Country Geo-Location is displayed with sales, leads, clicks and in all summary and detail reports in admin and affiliate console