Affiliate Wiz Frequently Asked Questions

Note: These are pre-sales FAQ's.
For support questions, please click here.

For an overview of affiliate marketing, please click here.

What currencies are supported?  We support all currencies.  Just change the locale identifier in the Preferences/Setup area of the administration console to change the currency.
What languages are supported?  We include language files for English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian.  Language files can also be converted to other languages.

Can Affiliate Wiz be used for "Per Click" affiliate programs?  Yes, Affiliate wiz supports the following commission schemes: Per Click, Flat Rate Per Sale, Percentage of sale, and Pay Per Lead.  An affiliate can earn any or all of the commission schemes.

How difficult is the program to install? Not difficult at all because we will install the application for you.
Will I be able to view statistics for all of my affiliates?  Indeed our administrative web-based interface provides complete control of managing your affiliates.  From editing/deleting affiliates to viewing sales and statistics, everything is at the click of a mouse button.  To preview the administrative interface, click here and login using Admin1 for the username and password.
Will visitors know what software is running my Affiliate Program? No, you customize the appearance of the screens your affiliates will see.  
What are the server requirements for Affiliate Wiz?  We support only Windows servers running .net 4.0.  Please click here for full list of requirements.
Once purchased, do I pay any monthly fees for the software? No, you purchase a license and the software is installed on your server.  There are no monthly fees as all the software is hosted on your own server.
How scaleable is the application? If your affiliate program serves up more than a few thousand banner impressions per day then SQL is recommended over access.  The SQL version is capable of millions of impressions/day and thousands of affiliates.
How do I know if Affiliate Wiz will work with my online store?  Affiliate Wiz is compatible with any store that supports passing the Total Amount of the Sale to an external program.  Any store written in ASP is supported as well as many others.  Please view the following support article for information on linking to your store.
Can I change the look and feel of the Affiliate Management Screens? Yes, please see the following support article.
Does Affiliate Wiz support JavaScript banners, Flash banners, or HTML banners? Yes, with version 2 and higher we have introduced this option.  For information on using Advanced Banners, click here.

Do you provide the source code?  Affiliate Wiz for ASP.NET is compiled and source code is not provided.  You may purchase the source code for an additional fee.  Click here for more information.   The uncompiled license allows you to install one copy in a development environment and one live copy.  This is not a site license.

Will Affiliate Wiz also manage banner advertisements on my web site?  No, for managing paid advertisements you need our advertising product called Ban Man Pro.
Can I integrate Affiliate Wiz with Google Checkout?  Yes, Google Checkout does support inserting 3rd party pixel tracking code.  More information is found at the link below: