Affiliate Wiz Affiliate Software Feature List

Affiliate Wiz is compatible with most shopping carts, signup forms and online ordering systems.  Affiliate Wiz is a 100% web-based affiliate tracking software solution.  Once installed all administration of affiliates is performed through your browser.  Our affiliate tracking software is purchased for a one-time license fee and installed on your web server.  Here are some of the main features of our affiliate software:
Written for Microsoft's ASP.NET 4.0 platform.
Installation and Support included with purchase.
Support for most any type of online store.  Currently Affiliate Wiz™ supports all stores that can dynamically pass the total amount of the sale and order number to Affiliate Wiz.  Includes full support for the PayPal IPN system.  The process of linking Affiliate Wiz to your online store is outlined here.
Supports up to 5 tiers or levels of affiliate tracking.  With a multi-tier affiliate program your affiliates are not only rewarded for sending you sales directly from their web site, but also for sending you new affiliates who then send you sales. Click here for an overview of how a multi-tier and multi-level affiliate marketing programs work.
Categorization of Affiliates.  Rather than treating all affiliates equally, you can segment affiliates offering different commission rates as well as different promotional materials.  Click here for an example on categorizing your affiliates.
Social Network Sharing.  Affiliates can share links, banners, products on their FaceBook wall.
Sub Affiliate Tracking.  Supports tracking sub affiliates under a given Affiliate Account.  This allows affiliates who have multiple sites to to track them separately but under the same Affiliate account.  The SubAffiliateID is limited to 25 characters.
Flexible Commissions.  Affiliate Wiz supports Per Sale Commissions (Flat Rate or Percentage of Sale), Per Lead Commissions, and Per Click Commissions.  Each Affiliate can support one or all types and can have individual rates for each type.  Supports up to 5 levels of rate changes based on the total amount of the sale.
Bonus Commissions.  Bonus commissions can be given to affiliates for signing up other affiliates.  Bonuses can also be paid on the Nth sale or lead.
Supports Direct Links.  Includes support for direct links which can help boost your search engine rank.  Direct Link Tracking is a more advanced linking method that does not require a redirect through the Affiliate Wiz software. With this method, the user would simply go directly from the affiliate web site to your web site or landing page.
Multilingual affiliate software with support for English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian.  Language files can also be converted to other languages.
Advanced Reporting -- Affiliate Wiz offers numerous advanced reports to help you measure affiliate performance.  All statistics are recorded on a daily basis so date-specific reports can be presented to the nearest day.  Click here for more details on reporting.  Also includes automated Daily, Weekly and Monthly email reports in HTML or CSV format.
Announcements Option -- Option to create announcements which are displayed to Affiliates.  These announcements can also be emailed to your Affiliates.
Supports rich Media Banners.  Affiliate Wiz supports many Rich Media banners including FLASH, Javascript, HTML, Popup Banners and others.  Even search boxes can be used.  Version 5 and later also supports data feeds of a web page.
Support for an unlimited number of Banners, Text Links, Product Images, Rotating Banners, and Email Creative.  You create the marketing media of any size then let your members decide which ones they display on their site.
Support for rotating banners.  Your affiliates may choose to rotate a group of banners in which case special code will be generated for them through their administration page.  You define which banners will rotate on their site and can change them at any time.  The reporting screen will give you details as to which banners are performing better than others.
Intuitive Web-Based Affiliate Administration Console -- The Affiliate Wiz administration page provides everything you need to manage your affiliates.  View and search for affiliates, modify their accounts and commission rates, add/delete banners, change banner links, view real-time stats, and add/delete sales, all through your web browser.  Because this is all done through your browser you can administer your affiliates from anywhere that you have internet access!  Click here to preview the administration console.
Intuitive Affiliate administration console allows affiliates to check their real-time affiliate stats, change their user information, and generate links on the fly.  
Automated signup for new affiliates.  You provide a link to the page where members can join making it seamless for new members to sign up.  Each time a new member signs up you are automatically notified by email.  Notification will also be automatically emailed to the new member.
Automated Sales Notification -- Each time a sale is made from one of your affiliates, an email notification will be sent to the administrator.  The administrator can than click on a link in the email to accept or reject the sale.  If accepted, the Affiliate will automatically be notified by email of their sale.
Email Earnings Summaries to Affiliates/ Pay Your Affiliates -- At the click of a button, Affiliate Wiz can send earnings summaries to your affiliates for any period.  CC your accounting person and they can then cut the commission checks from these statements.  Click for more information on how to pay your affiliates. 
Export Sales Summary Data to Excel -- Export sales summary data for a user-specified period to Microsoft Excel.  Data can also be exported for upload to PayPal so that you can pay your affiliates using Pay Pal.
Option to mark commissions as paid, option to set minimum payout rates. --  Save money by only cutting checks when an affiliate exceeds a threshold commission.  Once a commission has been paid it will be marked as such and a payment record is maintained in Affiliate Wiz.
Send Marketing Emails to your Affiliates -- Need to email important information to all your affiliates?  Type in your message and at the click of a button your email will be broadcast to all of your affiliates!  Messages can be sent in HTML or Text format.  Advanced filtering options allow you to email affiliates based on performance including sales, leads, clicks, impressions and join date.
Full support of IE 6 cookies -- Fully supports P3P cookies in IE6.  Click here for more information.
Affiliate-specific cookie expiration dates -- Want cookies for specific affiliates to last longer?  Affiliate Wiz now supports affiliate-specific cookie expiration dates.
Automated Reminder when it is time to pay affiliates  --  You will never forget to pay your affiliates as Affiliate Wiz can email you reminders up to twice per month when it is time to pay your affiliates.
Support Recurring Commissions  --  Affiliate Wiz supports recurring commissions.  For example, if you offer a subscription service on a monthly basis and want to reward your affiliates for each month's payment, Affiliate Wiz can track this.  Click for more information on tracking recurring commissions.
Support Product-Specific Commissions  --  Pay commissions differently depending on which products were purchased in your shopping cart.
Import Data -- Option to import Sales, Leads, Affiliates, Banners, or Products from any ODBC-compliant database.
Option to email links to affiliates.  Added new links to your Affiliate program?  Notifying affiliates of the new links is a breeze with the tool for emailing links to your affiliates.  Affiliates can copy and paste the links directly from the email and begin showing them immediately on their web site.
How long are your conversions taking?  Affiliate Wiz tracks how long it takes from the time a person clicks a banner until they convert to a sale or lead.
Which banners are most effective?  Affiliate Wiz will track which banners are converting to sales and leads, which have the highest conversion rate, and which have the highest view and click rates.
Export Reports.  All reports can be viewed as HTML, or exported to Excel or CSV file formats.
Export sales summary data.  Earnings data can be exported to Paypal .TXT files, Quicken QIF or Quickbooks IIF file formats for seamless import into Paypal, Quicken, or Quickbooks.
Seamlessly Pay Affiliates using PayPal Mass Pay.  You can save time paying affiliates by using PayPal's Mass Pay tool to automatically upload commissions to PayPal for payment to your affiliates.
Inactive Affiliates.  Option to report on which affiliates are not performing based on clicks, impressions, sales or leads.
Supports sub users with specific tasks.  For example, you might create a user who can only view reports.  Or, you might create a user who can only view commissions and pay affiliates.
Supports option for Affiliates to post sales/lead data to their own custom script.  This is useful for super affiliates who may have sub affiliates under them.
Vary Commissions based on performance.  Want to pay top performing affiliates a higher rate after certain thresholds are met?  Affiliate Wiz supports increasing rates up to 2 times based on an affiliate meeting specific thresholds on a monthly basis.  For example, if an affiliate makes 100 sales you might increase the rate from 5% to 8%.
Email marketing option for affiliates.  If enabled, Affiliates can import lists of prospects and send email creative to these prospects.
Supports Auto Responses for triggering emails based on certain activities.  The auto-response feature allows you to send out auto response emails based on triggers that include: Affiliate Joins; Affiliate Refers another Affiliate; Updates account; makes Nth sale or nth lead during specified period
Includes an audit log to track all activities performed by the administrator, users, and Affiliates.
Custom AffiliateID's.  Supports using numeric AffiliateID's or specifying a custom non-numeric value.