Affiliate Wiz 8.0 now supports Direct Link Tracking to help boost your search engine rank

What is Direct Link Tracking -- Direct Link Tracking is a more advanced linking method that does not require a redirect through the Affiliate Wiz software. With this method, the user would simply go directly from the affiliate web site to your web site or landing page. You are required to place a JavaScript code snippet on all of your landing pages that would enable Affiliate Wiz to look up the referring Affiliate and properly cookie the user.

With this Direct Link Tracking method two variables are passed directly to the web site within the querystring.  These include the AffiliateID (passed as "A") and the BannerID (Passed as "B").

Direct Linking in your affiliate program is the best option for improving your natural or organic search engine listings and should greatly boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.

An example link is:

For this feature to work properly, your site must implement a W3C privacy policy to ensure the cookies are not blocked in Internet Explorer. View more information on P3P privacy policies.

How do I enable the feature in Affiliate Wiz -- Click Preferences/Setup and near the end of the Default Options section you will find "Use Direct Links instead of Redirects".  Check the box to enable the feature.

Direct Link Tracking is a standard feature of our Affiliate Software

Next, you must embed the javascript that is provided on EACH and EVERY Page that your affiliates will link to.  If you do not do this the affiliate commissions will not track properly.

Also, it is highly recommended you check the box "Check if Target Page Has Directly Link Code Embedded when Adding A New Link".  By doing so, each time you add a new link within the Affiliate Wiz marketing software, we will check the landing page to verify the javascript code has been embedded.  If it has not you will be notified as a reminder to embed the code.  This will help prevent the scenario where you link to a page that does not properly have the tracking code embedded.

Why must I implement a P3P privacy policy? -- Internet Explorer includes a privacy feature that blocks cookies on sites that doe not have a P3P privacy policy.  To ensure that all affiliate commissions are properly tracked, you must implment such a policy on your web site.  View more information on P3P privacy policies.

Can I override this feature for specific affiliates or specific links?  Yes, when adding a Banner, Text Link, Product, or Email Creative you can override the option.   Also, you can override this option under specific Affiliate Types.

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