Affiliate Marketing Software with Email Creative and Email Marketing Option for Affiliates

Affiliate Wiz version 8 and higher introduced an option for defining email creative and also an option to allow Affiliates to send email marketing campaigns to their prospects.  Some feature highlights include:
  • Ability to enable the option by Affiliate Type
  • Ability to limit how many email messages your affiliates can send
  • Option to enable affiliates to email their own content (not recommended).  If this feature is not enabled the affiliates are limited to sending only the Email Creative that you have defined in the system.
  • Option to include Opt Out Text with each email sent by your affiliates to comply with spam laws

To enable the Email Marketing option for your Affiliates, edit the Affiliate Type of interest and scroll down to the section title "Email Marketing Options".  Enable the feature and choose the desired options.

We do not recommend using the option to allow Affiliates to send their own content as this would allow them to use the system to send spam unrelated to your Affiliate Marketing Program.

Affiliate Tracking Software with Email Creative and Email Marketing Option for Affiliates


How do I define email creative?  To define email creative, click the Email Creative link on the left side of the navigation in the overall administration console.


How can I view the list of prospects my Affiliates have emailed?  To view the list of prospects your Affiliates have communicated with, click Affiliates, then click the last tab titled "View Affiliate Prospects".

This option will allow you to view:

  • A list of your Affiliate Prospects including their email address and the date they were imported into the system.
  • A send history of how many emails were sent, on what date, and to view the content that was emailed.
  • View the opt out list to see what prospects asked to be opted out of the system.


How do Affiliate's manage their prospects and send email marketing material to those prospects?

Once the email marketing feature has been enabled, affiliates can access this option from the Affiliate Console under the header titled "Manage Prospects".

Options include:

  • Prospect Lists -- All prospects are organized into lists so that prospects can be emailed by list.
  • Email Addresses -- Defines the list of prospects added into the system.  All prospects can belong to one or more Prospect Lists.  Prospects can be added individually, or imported in a list format.
  • Opt Out List -- Each time an email marketing campaign or "emal blast" is sent to a prospect, they will be provided with a link to opt out of the system.  Those who choose to opt out are displayed on the opt out list and cannot be re-imported in the future.
  • Send History -- This simply shows a history of all email blasts that were sent to prospects along with the content that was emailed.
  • Send Email Blast -- This option is used to send a new email blast or email marketing campaign to a prospect list.

How can affiliates import prospects?

Affiliates can import email addresses from a text file such as TAB, CSV, etc or can import directly from their Gmail account.

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