Third Party Cookies in IE6 |  P3P Privacy Policy

In Internet Explorer 6.0 Microsoft made some significant changes to cookies by implementing the W3C's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P).  By default IE6.0 now blocks all third-party cookies that do not comply with this new standard.  If your store's confirmation page on which you have placed the Affiliate Wiz tracking code is located at a different URL then your cookies are treated as third-party cookies.  If this is the case, you must take special steps to ensure that the cookies will work properly in IE6 browsers.  If your store is located within the same website where Affiliate Wiz is installed, cookies will work properly in IE6 however it is highly recommended that you employ a P3P policy.

Version 4.0
Version 4.0 automatically adds a P3P header to each request.  The header can be modified by clicking preferences/setup in the administration console.
Version 2.06 -- Version 3.0
Note: You must be using version 2.06 and higher of Affiliate Wiz to have full support of IE 6 cookies.  This version adds the following line to the beginning of the AffiliateWiz.asp script:

<% Response.AddHeader "P3P","CP=""NOI DSP COR NID ADMa OPTa OUR NOR"""  %>

To make your web site compliant you must create and publish your own Privacy Policy in XML format.  There are several files required for a complete implementation.  These files include:

  1. A Policy Reference File called  P3P.XML  This file simply informs browsers of the location of your full P3P Privacy Policy.  This file should be placed at  A sample p3p.xml file is shown below. 

    Note: You must replace with your domain name before saving p3p.xml.  Once created, place this file in a folder called "w3c".

  2. A full P3P Privacy Policy in XML format with a file name of P3Policy.xml  This file should be placed at  The following example was obtained from the Center For Democracy and Technology.  This basic policy covers the general information that is collected by Affiliate Wiz. 
    1. The URL of your human readable privacy policy (line 1)
    2. Contact information (lines 6-10) (5 fields)
    3. The URL of your human readable customer service information (line 19)

  3. A standard HTML privacy policy with any name.  This file is references in P3Policy.xml and can be located anywhere on your web site.  To view's privacy policy, please click here.
  4. Lastly, whenever a cookie is written to a browser, a cookie privacy policy must be written to the browser using HTTP headers.  Affiliate Wiz is responsible for handling this step so you need not worry about it.  You must be using 2.06 and higher in order to have this functionality.

    Steps to Deploying P3P
Note: For the complete P3P specifications, please visit the W3C web site.

For a P3P policy creation tool, please visit:

For a P3P web tool, visit