How do I enter a popup ad in Affiliate Wiz?

Version 4.0 and higher
Version 4.0 offers a simple wizard for adding a popup or pop under into Affiliate Wiz.  This wizard allows you to easily add a popup or pop under banner in Affiliate Wiz.  The popup can contain an image or HTML that you specify.  Follow these steps to add a popup or pop under:
  1. From within the administration console, click Banners then click Add Popup.
  2. Choose the type of content you will be displaying.  If the content is an external web page then only impressions can be counted.  If the popup is simple HTML or an Image then both impressions and clicks can be counted.

    Choices include:
    a) My popup content is an Image.  Both impressions and clicks will be counted.
    b) My popup content is simple HTML that I will specify.  In order to track clicks I will embed [AffiliateWizTargetURL] for any links.
  3. Click Next.  If your popup is an Image, Enter the full URL of the image to display along with the width and height of the image in pixels.

    If the popup is HTML, Enter the HTML content you wish to display: (Note: Use the [AffiliateWizTargetURL] parameter to track clicks on your links.)
  4. Next, Specify the Properties of the popup/pop under window.  These properties include the Window Type (Popup or Popunder), whether or not the window will contain a toolbar, status bar, menu bar or scroll bars.  Also determine whether the window is resizable.  Last, specify the window width and height.  Typically the width and height should be a few pixels larger than the image or content itself.
  5. Last, click next step and an Advanced Banner is pre-populated with the HTML/Javascript for displaying the popup.
  6. Assign a banner name, choose a category, then click  to insert the banner.


Version 3.0
A popup ad is entered into Affiliate Wiz as an advanced banner.  

Follow these steps to add a popup banner:
  1. Under Banners, Click Add Adv. as shown below:

  2. Enter a description.  Select a category. Select the commissions types and enter any Optional Promotional Notes to Affiliates
  3. Enter the popup code by copying and pasting the code as provided in the text box below.  

    Replace with the web site where the clicks are to be redirected.  

    Replace with the full URL to the image file that you are opening in the popup window.

    Change the width and height of the image to match the width and height of your image.

    Note that [AffiliateWizTargetURL] is being used so that the clicks can be tracked.  This is very important to make sure the cookie is planted with the AffiliateID.

  4. Click Add Advanced Banner to complete the process of adding the popup banner.