Affiliate Wiz SQL Version 11 Upgrade from Version 5 for SQL

Note: We would be happy to perform the installation for you if you are not comfortable performing this task. 

Pre-Installation Notes

  • Verify that you are currently using Version 5.  This upgrade does not work with any other versions.
  • Make a backup copy of the entire /affiliatewiz/ folder on your web server.
  • Make a backup of your Affiliate Wiz SQL Server database.  This upgrade will significantly alter the database including renaming all tables.  A database backup is vital in case the upgrade script fails.

Installation Instructions

  1. Modify your existing AffiliateWiz IIS Application Folder to use .net 4.0 instead of .net 2.0. Click here for instructions on doing so.
  2. Extract the upgrade files contained in  to a temporary location on your local computer.  You will now see several folders.
  3. Version 11 includes changes to the Root web.config  Because this file also holds your custom database connection string, you must first enter your database connection into the web.config file before copying the updated files.  If you don't your database connection will break after the upgrade.  Also, if you added any custom tags to the web.config they should also be transferred. To do so...

    Open the web.config for your EXISTING installation of AffiliateWiz.  Find this line and copy the portion shown in GREEN:

    <add key="DBConnectionString" value="Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=IPADDRESSHERE;Initial Catalog=AffiliateWiz;User Id=usernamehere;Password=passwordhere" />

    Now, open the web.config found in the "AffiliateWiz11UpgradeFrom5\RootDirectory" folder of the upgrade files.  Replace the sample connection string with your full connection string.

    <add name="DBConnectionString" connectionString="
    Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=IPADDRESSHERE;Initial Catalog=AffiliateWiz;User Id=usernamehere;Password=passwordhere" />

    Save the file.

  4. From within SQL Query Analyzer, execute the script called AffiliateWiz11UpgradeFrom5.sql on your existing Affiliate Wiz database.  This script is found in the /database/ folder in the location where you unzipped the files.  The database is now converted to the new format.  If you are unsure how to do this, please review Steps 5-7 of the original database instructions found at: support/SQLnewdb.asp and noting that in step 5 the SQL script is named AffiliateWiz11UpgradeFrom5.sql.
    Note: If any fatal errors occurred while running the database script, you should record the error and email it to us. At the same time restore the database to the backup copy you just made.  Do no proceed on with the installation. 

    These Warnings can be ignored:
    Warning! The maximum key length is 900 bytes. The index 'ProductSpecificCommissions_Covered' has...
    Warning: The table 'tblaff_Affiliates' has been created but its maximum row size (8280) exceeds...
    Warning: The table 'tblaff_Affiliates' has been created but its maximum row size (8680) exceeds...
    Warning: The table 'tblaff_Affiliates' has been created but its maximum row size (9080) exceeds...
    Warning: The table 'tblaff_Affiliates' has been created but its maximum row size (9380) exceeds...
    Warning: The table 'tblaff_Affiliates_Data' has been created but its maximum row size (10535) exceeds...

    Note: This script inserts a about 170,000 Geo-Location Records and may take a number of minutes to complete.  Be patient.

  5. Copy the files AND FOLDERS from INSIDE the directory called "RootDirectory" to the web server directory where Affiliate Wiz is installed.  If you installed the software at then that is where these files are to be copied.  You will be overwriting the existing files.  Be sure to include the subdirectories including Bin, Admin, Language, ChartImages, EditorDialogs and Affiliate.
  6. Copy the file in the images directory to the images directory.  This will most likely be...  
  7. Run Upgrade.aspx to encrypt sensitive data.   Before doing so, you must temporarily rename Global.asax in the /AffiliateWiz folder to Global.asax1.
  8. Access the Upgrade.aspx file using your browser and point to the base URL where Affiliate Wiz is installed.  For example:

    Once the page loads, choose Version 8 and earlier, then click the Perform Upgrade button.

    Be patient if you have a large database as this may take a bit to run.
  9. Now, rename Global.asax1 back to Global.asax
  10. Now Delete Upgrade.aspx from the web site so it is never again executed.
  11. In order to use the charting tool, you must give the Users account WRITE permissions on the ChartImages folder.  Click here for directions on setting write permissions.
  12. Login to the Affiliate Wiz admin area and make sure things are working properly.   The admin console is located in a folder called /admin/ off the folder where you installed Affiliate Wiz.
The upgrade is now complete.